New Factory in Kocani

31 Maart, 2017 15:07

Over the past months Dena Textile Productions has been slowly moving from our manufacturing company in Skopje to a brand new facility in Kocani. Kocani is a city which is located in the east of Macedonia and has around 40.000 habitants. It is located in the textile region of Macedonia, which gives Dena the opportunity to make use of the knowledge and quality available in that area. Our factory currently holds a staff of around 50 employees who are all locally based and have been internally trained from the start. This gives our employees the knowledge, skills and commitment to do the best job possible and deliver the highest quality.

The factory in Kocani is located 1703 kilometres from the headquarters in Wageningen, the Netherlands. This new location gives Dena the possibilities to expand in the future. The new factory has 55 high-performance Juki overlock machines which lets us produce at a high-rate, while maintaining the same high quality. New is the printing room of 250 square meters, which gives the opportunity to produce individual prints for our customers. The room has the capacity to produce up-to 400 printed pieces a week. Next month, we will open our specially designed Tri-dena production location within the factory. This location will be fully dedicated to producing Tri-dena products.

The bigger warehouse located at the new factory gives Dena more space to store it's fabric as it has been expanded from 500 square metres to over 1000 square metres. As Dena has seen an increase in custom made products over the last couple of years, we wanted to play in on this trend with our new factory by creating more space for producing custom made products and introducing a better quality control system to Ensure high quality on both custom made and regular Dena products. We hope to move forward with our new factory and keep meeting the customers' every wish in the future.

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