Tri-Dena Website Launch

6 Februari, 2017 11:24

The event of your customer already starts at the delivery of the right material. The protection of this material is something that is always of value. It it usually hard to transport or store your bars,fridges,chairs, and other material without leaving a scratch on its surface.

This will all change with the introduction of Tri-Dena. Tri-Dena protection covers will help to protect your valuable material at all times, either during transportation from and to your customers event or during storage in your own warehouse.

The fabric that we use for our Tri-Dena covers is called President foam. This fabric is strong due to its structure of three unique layers.

  • Layer one consists of President quality fabric to protect against dust and discoloration
  • Layer two is a foam that provides damping to protect your furniture against scratches
  • Layer three is a strong netting that protects the foam from the inside out and provides extra strength to the material

It is also possible to get our covers in a water repellent material that gives an extra protection against humid conditions.

Due to the production of the covers in our own production facility, we are able to produce in a flexible way while ensuring high quality and maintaining a good price. Because every cover is made with the customer's wishes in mind, each cover is treated differently. This makes every cover of Tri-Dena unique to us.

For every piece of material, no matter what size, Tri-Dena has got you covered!

For more information, visit the website at or contact our team at We are happy to help with any questions or quotations.

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